Grooming………every dog deserves pampering

We offer grooming in a safe environment for your pets.

Using only quality products – Melanie Newman Salon Essentials, Plush Puppy and Secret Weapon products we offer a full range of services from just bathing all the way to breed trims.

I have been preparing dogs for showring exhibition for in excess of twenty-five years.  My favourites are (of course) the Poodle and the Lagotto but I can also offer grooming for all breeds including hand-stripping.

We try to be fair and reasonable in our pricing allowing at least 2 hours for your dog.  We prefer to wash all dogs prior to grooming (except when hand-stripped as this is done after) and hand dry as opposed to crate drying where possible to obtain the best result.

Bookings are essential and we prefer a routine is established so that the trim can be maintained.

Nail cutting / grinding and ear cleaning is included with all grooms.

Small dogs$60Eg: Toy poodle, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Tibetan Spaniel, West Highland White Terrier, Small x-breds under say 5kg
Small / medium$70Miniature Poodles, Cocker Spaniel crosses, Tibetan Terriers etc
Medium / Large$90Lagotto Romagnolo, German Shepherd, Portuguese Water Dog, Standard Poodles
Large$100 +Collie Rough, Tibetan Mastiff, Large de-sheds
Hand stripping$60 p/hrSmall dogs only
We reserve the right to alter these charges as necessary.

Heavy knotting, matting, difficult dogs, aggressive behaviour will result in extra charges due to the extra time required.

Flea infestation will result in an extra charge of $20 above the groom price as my grooming room will need to be “flea bombed” to protect not only other client’s dogs but also mine……..a flea in a show coat can cause a huge amount of damage…..:(

Anal gland expression is only performed from the outside if requested.  It is preferred that you consult your veterinarian for this procedure.

Discounts are available to dogs that we have bred that are on a rotation basis.

These prices are current as at 18th April 2020 but may be changed at any time without notice.