Here at Pudelian we are very serious about producing quality puppies.  We do not breed a lot of litters so if you want one of our babies you may have to wait some time, but the reassurance of buying from a reputable, experienced and knowledgable registered breeder (DogsWest; an affiliated body of the Australian National Kennel Council) should help that time fly by.................

All of our breeding stock is clear by parentage for the gene that causes Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRAc-d) - the major eye disease of toy and miniature poodles that can cause blindness. 

All of our babies are house raised with care and devotion.  From the time the mum to be shows the first signs of going into labour until mum and newborns are settled I stay with her.  A sleepless night is nothing compared to the joy of welcoming a new generation safe and sound into the world.

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Is a Poodle the right breed for me?

First SIZE MATTERS...................Poodles come in three sizes: Standard, Miniature and Toy.

The Toy is the smallest growing up to around 11" at the shoulder.  They are a small fine dog.  Usually around 3kg in weight. Often not the best choice if there are small children around as they can be delicate.
The Miniature is the middle size growing up to about 15" at the shoulder.  Generally a great size for families, small enough to sleep on the bed and hop into the car for a ride but big enough to run beside you on your daily walk or jog.  Robust enough as companions for growing kids, but not too large. Weight wise around 8 - 10kg.
The Standard is the largest.  A majestic dog standing with their head around waist high to an adult.  Great for families and properties alike. Although a big dog they grow up fast maturing quickly and are gentle natured.

Next - Do I have the time for a Poodle?

The poodle is an active and intelligent breed.  They do not like being left alone without company for endless hours.  Boredom leads to destruction - plants, furniture, excessive barking and so on.  They love company - human, canine and usually feline.  We have pet cats too and all of our puppies "learn" how to socialise with the cats.


A poodle needs regular grooming and will require clipping every six to eight weeks to keep his/her coat looking pristine.  As a groomer myself it is wonderful when my puppies come back for grooming and play days. The cost of grooming should be factored in before buying a puppy.