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What do I need to bring when my best friend is boarding with you?
Their current vaccination certificate, proof of flea / tick control and if you wish you may bring a blanket or something that "smells" of home.  Nothing with bean bag beans or filled with dacron / fibrefill please - it's a great game to show the next door neighbour what they brought with them!  Snow storms are not funny first thing in the morning - or easy to clean up!
Any medications / supplements - clearly labelled with your pet's name and dosage.  There is NO extra charge for administration of medications / supplements.

Will they miss me?
Yes, probably for the first 10 minutes - then they meet the rest of the holiday makers.  Then they greet the next arrival in chorus!

Why can't I drop off or pick up my dog at any time suitable to me?
Firstly, we have to clean, feed and maintain ALL of our holiday makers.  Running back and forth to attend to customers doesn't allow for this. 

Secondly, the boarders need "time out" too.  They play and then need sleep.  Boarding is different from homelife.  Routine is important here. Both dogs and cats like that.

Lastly, if we are to work to our best ability we need to have time out too.  When they rest so do we.

If my pet takes ill what do you do?
We consult our 24 / 7 vet, then contact you if necessary.  We take no chances with your pet's health. If you do not wish us to seek medical attention for your pet please notify us upon arrival, otherwise all veterinary accounts for your pet will be due and payable upon departure. We do not charge a premium on any veterinary care.  What we pay is what you are charged.

What about Kennel Cough?
Kennel Cough is usually a self limiting disease, lasting 10 - 14 days just like a cold with a nasty cough for most dogs. Sometimes other factors may increase the severity. Your vet may prescribe a course of antibiotics.  Please understand it is not restricted to kennels but anywhere dogs may congregate.  It is airborne and can occur ANYWHERE at ANY TIME.  We cannot stop it but by vaccinating your pet against the virus you may reduce the severity if your pet comes into contact with it.  Some dogs harbour the disease but never suffer it.  Be aware - vaccination is the best source of reducing the chance of your dog suffering a bout, that's why we insist on your dog being up to date with his or her vaccination.

Can we contact you while we are away?
Yes, of course.  We are never far away from the phone or you may email us to check on how your pet is enjoying his/her holiday.

Will you board bitches in season?
Yes, we have secure kennels.  At peak times (school holidays) we try and avoid this as much as possible as it may upset entire dogs that are boarding.  Extra charges may apply.

Do you offer grooming?
Yes, we do.  However at peak times (school holidays) we are often booked out so please book grooming when you book in your dog  /cat for boarding.

Do I need to provide food?
NO, unless your dog has a specific diet we cannot cater for (please notify in advance for any special requirements). Otherwise we take care of everything.
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